True Correction vs. Temporary Relief

We believe at Bright Life Chiropractic you deserve to find the solution to current health concern or condition. We belief in you bodies natural ability to adapt, thrive, heal and function vs. masking symptoms with prescription drugs. We use the most advanced technology and technique in chiropractic history to find the cause, known in science as Vertebral Subluxation Complex. Only the Chiropractor is trained to not only find but eliminate subjections with consistent specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments.

Thanks to technological advances and new understanding of the spine and nervous system, we are now able to correct the spine and use pre and post x-rays to document this change. These changes are achieved through a series of specialized gentle adjustments. If we are able to accept your case, a care plan will be recommended based on the pre-existing levels of degeneration in your spine, your age, levels of activity, and your response to an adjustment. Not every spine is correctable for us so we always start with a checkup to evaluate your potential for success in our office.

Very commonly one of the first Vertebral Subluxations to occur in the spine is in the neck. This is for a variety of reasons including the fact that the vertebrae, ligaments, and muscles in the neck are the smallest and the head (in particular in children) is disproportionately heavy in comparison to our body. Small slips and falls as a child or even the birth process itself can result in the small vertebra of the neck becoming displaced or subluxated. The body behaving very intelligently will change our posture, often shifting the head well in front of the shoulders and leaning the head to one side or the other to reduce the pressure this subluxation places on the spinal cord. As a result of the change in head posture our rib cage may bend or shift to reduce pressure on the spinal nerves and similarly the big muscles of the lumbar spine and pelvis will compensate to further reduce the unwanted pressure on the spinal nerves. This for the body is a much better state than suffering the immediate and devastating effects of spinal cord and spinal nerve pressure. However, this leaves the pressure on the vertebral discs imbalanced and causes them to begin wearing out at a progressive rate.

When it comes to you and your families health, we never want to assume. We want to know and that’s why we feel everyone deserves to by having their nervous system evaluated complimentary.