What Our Practice Members Say

Jessica Runge

I came into Bright Life suffering from intense arm pain, and chronic sinus infections.I would cry everyday from pain and frustration; I just wanted to feel better! I saw a neurologist and went through physical therapy several times for years and nothing helped. I was prescribed muscle relaxers, pain killers, sleeping pills, and sinus medications but those only masked my symptoms temporarily and didn’t actually correct the problem.
I was very skeptical and apprehensive about Chiropractic before coming into Bright Life I wasn’t sure how it could help me. I was very impressed with the professionalism of the office. After my first adjustment, I experienced the best sleep of my ENTIRE LIFE. My neck and arm pain went away, as well as my sinus infections. I would recommend chiropractic to everyone; I am positive that it has made me a happier person and gave me more energy!

Andre Wright

Andre experienced back pain for years before beginning his chiropractic journey. Andre’s back pain was so bad that he would have to roll out of bed in the mornings. Andre first begin with physical therapy and chiropractic care, unfortunately that was only a temporary fix for his pain.
Andre had never received TRT (Torque Release Technique) chiropractic care before so he figured he would give Bright Life Chiropractic a try. The Torque Release Technique allows the doctors to hone in to the specific area that needs to be adjusted and begins correcting your health concerns at the source. This allows for a safer and healthier journey of healing.
After a year of being under care at Bright Life Chiropractic, Andre has seen results he didn’t know were possible. He was able to reduce the amount of medicine he was taking. Andre even recommended his wife to Bright Life Chiropractic for her shoulder pain.

“Bright Life Chiropractic is great, professional organization. Everyone is always so nice, full of energy, and friendly!”


Kathleen was experiencing years and years of migraines occurring twice a week. Doctors told her she could take prescription drugs for relief but she was hesitant to start the cycle of relying on drugs and medication for pain. Instead she used Excedrin Migraine which allowed her to function on most days…but she didn’t have a proactive approach to keep them from happening in the first place.
With specific, scientific chiropractic care, Kathleen very rarely has a migraine – no more than once every other month or so! Kathleen sees chiropractic care as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle, free of migraines!