Dr. Jared Brown

Dr. Jared Brown’s interest in chiropractic care was…natural! Inspired by his family to embrace a natural healthy lifestyle from an early age, he grew up in small-town Charlotte, MI where he was instilled with the values and passion to support and bring healing to not only his friends and family, but to his community as well.

His mother, Dr. Maegan Davis, first became a chiropractor after suffering with debilitating migraines and finding permanent relief at last through principled chiropractic care. She raised Dr. Jared in the chiropractic lifestyle, checking him from birth and keeping him well adjusted throughout his childhood, motivating his cousin Kevin to become a doctor of chiropractic as well.

In keeping with the new tradition established in his family, Dr. Jared also enrolled in the Chiropractic College of Life University, Marietta, GA. He met his soon-to-be wife, Dr. Samantha, in the first year of college and they have been inseparable ever since! Drs. Jared and Samantha were drawn to Savannah from the beginning and knew this was a community in desperate need of principled chiropractic care.

As a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Jared is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, Georgia Council of Chiropractic, Life University President’s Circle, and was recently honored to receive the Savannah Morning News’ 2014 Readers’ Choice Award for Best Chiropractor. Drs. Jared and Samantha are both Webster certified for the care of pregnant women, and provide mentoring for chiropractic students through the LAUNCH program. With the opening of Bright Life Chiropractic, they have quickly established one of the largest and fastest-growing family chiropractic practices in Savannah and continually give back to the community by sponsoring many events such as food drives, PTA school activities and by providing fundraising support to non-profit groups.

Dr. Jared is also establishing a growing reputation as a dynamic speaker on natural health topics and injury prevention, providing informative and interactive presentations customized to meet the needs of any group. Whether providing health education in the workplace, spinal screenings in schools or life-changing care at Bright Life Chiropractic’s state-of-the-art office, it is truly Dr. Jared’s mission to uplift Savannah and to serve this community for many years to come!

Dr. Samantha Brown
Dr. Samantha Brown grew up in Sebring, Florida, a small town in Central Florida with her parents and younger brother. From a young age, care and compassion, a love of serving, and a heart for the Lord was ingrained into her. She was actively involved in dance and competitive cheerleading, which took a toll on her body at a young age and ultimately led her mother to take her to a local chiropractor.
Dr. Samantha suffered with an array of health concerns including migraines, heart conditions, chronic sinus infections, and allergies. By the time she was 15 years old, she already experienced two sinus surgeries, a tonsillectomy, and two heart surgeries! Her parents were very concerned about her health and she really had no hope of ever receiving optimal health. No one had ever told her parents that chiropractic could help with her health concerns, making it Dr. Samantha’s mission to ensure that everyone knows the importance of getting their babies and children checked for interference in their spines causing many preventable health concerns!
After following her chiropractor’s recommendations and receiving her specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Samantha no longer experiences those health concerns and now lives a life of optimal health! Her life was changed so much by principled chiropractic care, she decided at 16 years old that her purpose in life would be to change the lives of others through specific, scientific chiropractic!
Dr. Samantha moved to Marietta, Georgia to attend Life University College of Chiropractic, renowned as the best chiropractic college in the world. While attending Life University, Dr. Samantha knew her passion was to serve pregnant women and children. She has vast experience and a heart for children with special needs including autism, ADHD, neurosensory integration disorders, Down Syndrome, cerebral palsy, to name a few. She became heavily involved with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association leading her to create and develop the first Family and Pediatric Chiropractic Club at Life University.
She is currently completing her Certification from the Academy of Chiropractic Family Practice to better serve your family. She is also certified in Webster Technique for pregnant mothers. While in Atlanta, Dr. Samantha and Jared were given a life changing opportunity to serve for two years at Discover Chiropractic with Drs. Jeremy and Amanda Hess, one of the largest chiropractic practices in the world and the largest pediatric practice in the state of Georgia. Drs. Samantha and Jared are looking forward to serving the families of the Greater Savannah area, providing them with quality specific, scientific chiropractic care!
Dr. Ben Stabbe
Dr. Ben Stabbe grew up in Chapel Hill, NC. Go Tar heels! Growing up Dr. Ben had played Ice hockey since the age of 8 all the way through college. He really fell into his first leadership role in his junior and senior year of high school as he led his team as one of the captains. He continues to play every now and again to this day. He was always been found of being active on the ice but also always enjoyed being outdoors hiking, running, and being the sunshine.
However he also struggled during the springtime when allergies had come around. Dr. Ben Stabbe would have terrible allergies that would last a minimum of 2 months every single year. During that time his eyes would get itchy, ears would get red, and could barely breathe unless he had taken high-level allergy medicine. Dr. Ben thought this was just his normal for the rest of his life and would just have to deal with it.
It wasn’t until the beginning of senior year of college at UNC Charlotte where he had been studying Exercise Science that he discovered there was another way. He interned at a Chiropractic office in Charlotte, NC. There he was educated about how the Chiropractic adjustment works toward improving the function of the Nervous System thus allowing the body to better express health. He also discovered that many people who had a difficult birth through C-sectioned often suffered from asthma and Allergy related issues which Dr. Ben was a C-section delivery. He was amazed after being under regular Chiropractic care when allergy season had come around and for the first time in his life instead of two month his allergies only lasted 2 weeks and had no need for any medication.
From there Dr. Ben went on to get his Doctorate at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg SC. There he furthered his education and Knowledge of Chiropractic. While in school he was a leader in a mentorship program that helps students and Doctors alike to better educate and grow a community under Chiropractic care. Also while in school he received his advanced proficiency in the Torque Release Technique; one of the most advanced and researched techniques within Chiropractic to date. He also received his certification in Webster’s Technique to be able to better serve pregnant moms and babies.
Upon finishing school Dr. Ben pursued to serve in an office that utilized the Torque Release Techniques and that worked with all populations from babies, pregnant moms, athletes, and everything in between. After visiting Drs. Jared and Samantha Brown and their office at Bright Life he knew Savannah would soon be his new home. Since then Dr. Ben outside of the office enjoys spending time at the beach, running at Forsyth Park, boxing, and enjoying the culture Savannah has to offer. In office he continues to serve the masses of the Savannah Community though specific scientific Chiropractic adjustments and educating the great community of Savannah whilst under the guidance of Drs. Jared and Samantha.
Dr. Heyward
Hey ya’ll, I’m Dr. Heyward!
I moved to Savannah from Atlanta in August 2021. I am due with my first baby girl in November 2023, and also am a fur mama to 4 little babes: 2 kitties, a shepherd, and a yellow lab. The pets combined with my husband, Josh, makes for a pretty full house!
After following her chiropractor’s recommendations and receiving her specific, scientific chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Samantha no longer experiences those health concerns and now lives a life of optimal health! Her life was changed so much by principled chiropractic care, she decided at 16 years old that her purpose in life would be to change the lives of others through specific, scientific chiropractic!
Having been under chiropractic care since I was a baby (seven days old to be exact), I have had the privilege of experiencing firsthand the impact that chiropractic can have on health, well-being, and quality of life.
This led me to know I wanted to be a Chiropractor from the age of 12. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Lynn University in Boca Raton, FL, then attended Life University College of Chiropractic in Marietta, GA. I was able to fulfill my PEAK internship hours at Bright Life Chiropractic, falling in love with not only the practice, but also with the Practice Members. I am thrilled to be a part of the Bright Life Family and am looking forward to sharing my passion for Chiropractic with the world. I can’t wait to serve you!