5 Facts You Need to Know After a Car Accident

1. Your injury can become permanent if not treating within weeks of the accident occurring
2. Symptoms can take 6 to 8 weeks to present – never base your injury on symptoms
3. Choosing an attorney – each attorney has a specialty – we help you in your selection
4. Signing paperwork, talking to agents about the accident, or cashing any checks from insurance companies can void you or limit you of your treatment
5. Document everything – pictures of the car, pictures of bruising, keep all records or paperwork in a file

Bright Life Chiropractic has been chosen by many in our community to take care of them after an auto accident.

We take pride in our level of care an service to those who are at victim from a motor vehicle accident.

We take care of everything from transportation, referrals and chiropractic care to make sure that you get back to your pre-accident condition as quickly as possible!