November Video

In-office Promo Video

Bright Life Chiropractic Health Talk Intro

Sharing about your upcoming health talk hosted by Bright Life Chiropractic!

Bright Life Chiropractic Follow-up

Following up after Bright Life Chiropractic spoke to your group

Bright Life Chiropractic Scoliosis

Do you ever remember being told that you had scoliosis? Didn't really do anything about it or for it? Thought you may grow out of it?

Bright Life Chiropractic Disc Bulge

Please call our office today at 912.777.3717 and ask for the Bulging Disc New Patient Special

Bright Life Chiropractic President Jagger

Jagger has been under chiropractic care since he was born, as you know how kids can be! They run, jump, fall, slip and those little spines are susceptible to misalignments. I choose to have him checked as I don't want to wait for him to start having symptoms before I try to find a solution