Community Outreach Coordinator – Nancy

What an adventure it has been as I have worked alongside Dr. Jared and Dr. Samantha to develop our Community Outreach Program! I started my training at Bright Life Chiropractic in October 2013 as a Chiropractic Assistant, never realizing then how life-changing this experience would be.

I have had issues with my spine and my health all my life, especially in my teen years when I had to have most of my spine fused due to scoliosis. At that time, there was no chiropractor working in the small town outside of Toronto, Canada, where I lived, and I don’t think my parents knew that chiropractic could help with scoliosis.

Twenty years later, I had left my teaching career due to health problems and back pain. I had to have the whole scoliosis procedure re-done, with lots of rods and screws, in an 11 hour surgery, from which it took a year to recover. I did let a chiropractor adjust my neck in later years, as an attempt to find relief from constant migraines and headaches, and also struggled with fibromyalgia pain, but I was nervous – how could I let a chiropractor touch my spine when it was so compromised?

I took my daughter to the chiropractor though, right through her childhood, in order to monitor her spinal development – I was scared that she might develop scoliosis too. So I started working at Bright Life Chiropractic with the idea that chiropractic care was helpful for others, but couldn’t really help me, because of my fusions. I was astonished to learn that not only could the doctors adjust me above and below my fusions with their unique, gentle, specific and scientific technique, but that it was even more important for people like me whose spines are fused to get adjusted regularly!

The unfused parts of my spine have to work twice as hard to keep me functioning. I also learned how every cell, organ and system in my body depended on having a healthy nervous system, unhindered by spinal misalignments, to keep my overall health at its optimal level. I have been delighted to find great relief from my migraines and headaches with regular adjustments, and have been able to go off all of my medications for environmental allergies as my immune system improves!

My husband comes for regular adjustments and no longer deals with numbness in his hand and the severe back pain that kept him from being able to sit comfortably for any length of time. My daughter has also stayed scoliosis-free and her migraines are considerably lessened as well. But my biggest revelation was: If I could have come to Bright Life Chiropractic when I was first diagnosed with scoliosis, all my surgery, pain, time lost and expense could have been avoided!

Now I was on a mission – people need to hear about this! The more I learned about the benefits and importance of specific, scientific principled chiropractic, the more I told everyone I knew and invited them to come check out Bright Life Chiropractic for themselves. I spent so much time talking about it at the Front Desk and everywhere else that the doctors finally decided to send me out of the office!

Today, as the Community Outreach Coordinator of one of the fastest-growing chiropractic practices in southern Georgia, I get to talk about principled chiropractic everywhere I go: to businesses, schools, churches and non-profit organizations, and I enjoy scheduling free Lunch & Learn sessions, Injury Prevention/ Workplace Safety Workshops, Appreciation lunches, giving out gift certificates, arranging spinal screenings at events throughout the community and organizing fundraisers for good causes. I get to meet wonderful people every day, many of whom are hurting or ill and have given up hope of ever getting better.

I get to deliver to them the amazing news that there is indeed hope and a way to restore their health and ability to function, the answer which many people have been praying to find. And I am especially blessed because I often get to be the initial link in the life-changing process they experience by seeking principled chiropractic care. I am so thankful every day for the opportunity to be part of this great team at Bright Life Chiropractic – and I’m excited to see what is in store as the adventure continues!