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A Scheduling App That Fits Your Lifestyle

As a practice member you can use our App to schedule your appointments 24/7. No waiting on hold. No having to call during office hours.

App Features

You can schedule your treatments any time you want.
Reschedule Your Appointments
Something last minute come up? Reschedule your appointment from your app.
You can have email, SMS, or push notifications to remind you of your upcoming appointments.

Download Our Free Scheduling App

Bright Life Chiropractic makes your life easier by offering a free scheduling app.

Get the benefits of managing your scheduled treatments whenever you want.
You can even manage your family's schedules with one app login with our Family Groups feature.

Frequently Asked Questions for our App

How much does the app cost?

The app is free to download and use as a practice member. There is no cost, ever.

How do I register to use the app?

You can register two ways:
1) We may provide you an email link.
2) We will give you our provider number and customer code.

How do I schedule an appointment in the App

When you first log into the app click SKED Appointment at the bottom of the screen.
Select a day on which you would like to schedule your appointment. You will see a week at a time. You can use the arrows at the top to move into future weeks.
Once you select a day you will be presented with open times for that day. Select a time that works best for you.
Once you have selected a time you will see all the details of your upcoming appointment. If they are all correct click Confirm.
You will then be taken back to your home screen and should see your newly scheduled appointment on the list of upcoming appointments.

How do I cancel an appointment in the App?

Select the appointment that you wish to cancel.
Choose ‘Cancel Appointment’ in red at the bottom of your screen.
You are required to provide a reason for canceling and then select cancel. (If you do not provide a reason you are unable to cancel.)
You will be redirected to your appointment screen where you can ensure your cancellation was accepted.

What is my Username and Password to login to the App?

When you first registered with our App you were required to enter in your email and create a password. This is what you will use to log into the App.

I forgot my password. How can I get it?

There is a "Forgot Password?" link that you can use to email you a reset password link. It is located on the App log-in screen.
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