Hello. My name is Jayla!

I was born and raised in Arizona and drove myself across the country in 2020 to my new home: Savannah. As difficult as it initially was to get used to this humid and buggy place, this charming southern town has grown on me!

I started chiropractic care at the age of eight after suffering from a sports injury, and it has continued to better my life. I started getting vertigo attacks at a young age, and since receiving regular adjustments, I’ve been as balanced as can be!

You can find me all over the office, from assisting practice members with their special appointments to greeting everyone from the front desk!

What I enjoy the most about my job is seeing people’s mannerisms and personalities change throughout their care in the office. I’ve seen many people go from living in pain to smiling and practically skipping with joy! I love seeing people reach their full potential and become the absolute best version of themselves.

In my free time, I love traveling. Sometimes it’s just going back home for the weekend, and other times it’s exploring the East Coast alongside my husband, Tyler!

But, of course, we are also pretty big homebodies, hanging out at home with our two tuxedo gentleman cats, Moo and M.K., watching our next series on Netflix!
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