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Dr. Ben Stabbe

Dr. Ben Stabbe grew up in Chapel Hill, NC. Go Tar heels! Growing up Dr. Ben had played Ice hockey since the age of 8 all the way through college. He really fell into his first leadership role in his junior and senior year of high school as he led his team as one of the captains. He continues to play every now and again to this day. He was always been found of being active on the ice but also always enjoyed being outdoors hiking, running, and being the sunshine.

However he also struggled during the springtime when allergies had come around. Dr. Ben Stabbe would have terrible allergies that would last a minimum of 2 months every single year. During that time his eyes would get itchy, ears would get red, and could barely breathe unless he had taken high-level allergy medicine. Dr. Ben thought this was just his normal for the rest of his life and would just have to deal with it.

It wasn’t until the beginning of senior year of college at UNC Charlotte where he had been studying Exercise Science that he discovered there was another way. He interned at a Chiropractic office in Charlotte, NC. There he was educated about how the Chiropractic adjustment works toward improving the function of the Nervous System thus allowing the body to better express health. He also discovered that many people who had a difficult birth through C-sectioned often suffered from asthma and Allergy related issues which Dr. Ben was a C-section delivery. He was amazed after being under regular Chiropractic care when allergy season had come around and for the first time in his life instead of two month his allergies only lasted 2 weeks and had no need for any medication.

From there Dr. Ben went on to get his Doctorate at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg SC. There he furthered his education and Knowledge of Chiropractic. While in school he was a leader in a mentorship program that helps students and Doctors alike to better educate and grow a community under Chiropractic care. Also while in school he received his advanced proficiency in the Torque Release Technique; one of the most advanced and researched techniques within Chiropractic to date. He also received his certification in Webster’s Technique to be able to better serve pregnant moms and babies.

Upon finishing school Dr. Ben pursued to serve in an office that utilized the Torque Release Techniques and that worked with all populations from babies, pregnant moms, athletes, and everything in between. After visiting Drs. Jared and Samantha Brown and their office at Bright Life he knew Savannah would soon be his new home. Since then Dr. Ben outside of the office enjoys spending time at the beach, running at Forsyth Park, boxing, and enjoying the culture Savannah has to offer. In office he continues to serve the masses of the Savannah Community though specific scientific Chiropractic adjustments and educating the great community of Savannah whilst under the guidance of Drs. Jared and Samantha.
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