Dr. Ben Stabbe

Hey everyone! I’m Dr. Ben!

I grew up in Chapel Hill, NC. Go Tar heels! I played ice hockey from the age of eight through college and continue to play now and again. I also enjoy being outdoors, which made having seasonal allergies a huge struggle. These allergies would last a minimum of two months every year!

It wasn’t until my senior year of college at UNC Charlotte, where I was studying exercise science, that I discovered another way. I interned at a chiropractic office and was amazed after being under regular chiropractic care. Instead of two months, my allergies only lasted two weeks, and I did not need any medication!

From there, I knew chiropractic was something I wanted to share with others. So, I received my Doctorate at Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, SC, and am certified in Webster’s Technique to serve pregnant moms and babies better.

Upon finishing school, I visited Drs. Jared and Samantha Brown at Bright Life Chiropractic and knew Savannah would be my new home. I’ve been here since 2018 and love serving this community!

I met my wife, Heather, when I moved to Savannah, and we were married in November of 2020. I love spending time with my wife and our dog Ava, going to the beach, boxing, and playing the piano outside of the office.
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