Hey y’all, I’m Brooke!

I was born and raised here in Savannah, and to be honest, I never plan on leaving. I love the south, and all my work friends call me “cornbread” for that.

In the office, you’ll find me sitting at the front desk helping practice members and greeting everyone with a smile or running around the office taking practice members through their special appointments.

Chiropractic has been in my life for six years now, and I’ve seen how chiropractic can change lives.

In the 9th grade, I found out I had a fracture in my lower back and was told I’d most likely have to quit cheer, which had been a huge part of my life since I was six years old. So I started chiropractic care here at Bright Life Chiropractic, and I finished the rest of high school cheering every year!

In the midst of all of that, I also dealt with extreme anxiety. I tried everything from meditation and yoga to being put on medication finally. After being under chiropractic care, I eventually got off medication, and my anxiety is so much more manageable!

I am blessed that I am now able to help others in the same way the team at Bright Life helped me through my difficult times!

Outside of work you’ll find relaxing with family and friends. When you don’t see me in the office, I’m most likely vacationing at the lake (my all-time favorite place to be!!). I love just cruising on the boat, tubing with my niece, or simply floating in the water.
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